Sunday 29 September 2013

Yorkshire's Pub for 2013

Monday night saw a gathering of Welcome to Yorkshire members to celebrate that the Carpenters's Arms at Felixkirk had won the Best Pub of the Year award in Yorkshire. David Shields gave a short speech, along side Chris Blundell the owner who told us how it came about the the Archibishop of York had actually blessed and opened the pub. Debbie Whitwell is the manager of the Carpenter's .Always smiling and helpful, she is a star. I just managed to get her to stand still a moment to pose with the idyllic backdrop. Diners can sit out her and enjoy the view too. Sarah Humpleby was busy tempting us with delicious food. These networking events are always good to go to as there are always new faces to meet. On this occasion I met Heidi, a bubbly PR lady along with Ian Elske who is the general manager of the Cleveland Tontine. Ian has come from Le Manoir. Apparently Raymond Blanc has been keeping his eye on events.Needless to say I will in turn be keeping you up to date on what is happening there. About 30 minutes from here an idea place to go for a special meal and maybe fit in a visit to Ount Grace Priory which you could say is next door -stride a field or two. They have exciting plans for the place. I did try to tell him that to locals it will always be the Tontine. Once the Tontine always the Tontine. Even if we have to say McCoy's in a hushed tone. Great memories of a place that had its hey days 30-40 years ago . Lets hope that they will bring new life to the Tontine and make it the place we all love and talk about.