Sunday 29 September 2013

The Awards Dinner

Last year I was a finalist, but this year I left it to friends to have a go. It was far more relaxing to be an onlooker. Here you see Derek Gray from the Wold Cottage showing you how to wear a pair of specs. With Katrina who looked stunning in black and pink -shame I didn't get a photo of her shoes -very pink feathery and very Barbie. On my left was Mary Pearson who came along with husband John ,who looked very dapper in his red bow tie. It was lovely when the winners were announced and Mary won. I had bought a bar of chocolate earlier in the day from Sterchi's in Filey which said Congratulations. If neither of them had won I would have had to eat it myself. There are always winners but no one lost as they were all the best of the best in Yorkshire food producers.