Monday 21 October 2013

Y Hub at Wetherby with Welcome to Yorkshire

It doesn't seem a year ago since I went to Y Business Hub at Wetherby Races course and it has now been and gone again.David Shields busy on his phone outside. One of the first persons I saw that I knew was Caoiline Bell who was having a few hours out from her busy day running Shepherd's Purse Cheese. There were also workshops on which were very useful. My first choice was that with the brilliant Dee Marshall. It is always good to get a refresher and learn a bit more. Old friends Mary and Katrina were there and it was like a back to school day .There was so much to pack in and one of the businesses which was new to me was Porcus who made the most delicious sausages. They are from Todmorden -a hill top farm where they keep saddle back pigs