Tuesday 29 October 2013

Silver Wedding Party.

Looking back at the photos it doesn't seem 25 years since Philip Nicholls made an honest woman of Shirley Bowes. Over 100 friends and family joined the silver pair along with their 2 sons David and Robert. It was held at the Feathers in Helmsley. Simon Parker and his staff did a sterling job to make sure everyone had a wonderful night. Shirley looked amazing, Philip made a great speech and David and Robert looked after "the show" very well. The food was superb.For our main course we choose the beef. Simon spoilt Jack bringing him some beef right from the middle of one of the 3 joints.It nearly looked as it was still alive but that is Jacks favourite. We were sat with Doreen Davenport-better known as Fawcett and before that as one of Philip Robinsons daughter -there was 5 of them. Her son Edward was on our table too and all made for good company. Apparently my mum taught Doreen to knit. We all had plenty to talk and remiss about. It was Doreen's late husband ,Anto's car that son Tony drove Shirley to the church in. All too soon the night was over. A wonderful night for a wonderful couple who were so busy looking after everyone else that I disappointedly didn't get a photo of them together. Shirley dazzled in a sparkling blue dress as I caught her talking to Faff who we would both go to school with. Philip looked very dapper in his d.j. The two ladies in the photos are Philip/s mum on the right and Aunty Ada -Shirley aunt of the left. A photo also of Shirleys sister Sandra with her two sons and daughter Jenny just behind her.