Saturday 4 January 2014

New Years Eve 2013

We had a lovely evening with Tom Collinson and his girl friend Rachael Hinds at their farm near Gilling. The idea of someone else doing the cooking was welcome .Although I couldn't resist and "did" the puddings. I had been to pick up some of Mrs Bells's delicious Shepherd's Purse cheese the week before. What a civilized way to end the year. We started with amazing seafood platter. The main was beef Wellington cooked to perfection. We were making an early exit as it was way passed Jack's bed time.This prompted Tom to get down on one knee and proposed to Rachael. Apparently he had been like a Tom cat on hot bricks all day. She did say yes. What a lovely way to end 2013. Roll on 2014. ps I was to grin like a Cheshire cat too as I did get my new tooth in time for Christmas