Tuesday 31 December 2013

Mulberry Hall

A trip to York would not be complete without a look through the windows at Mulberry Hall.Sometimes I venture in for a present for a christening,wedding,birthday or a horse statue for Jack for his Christmas present. I have my eye on some heart shaped spoons at the moment for the grandchildren instead of Easter eggs. As they wont be old enough to read this it will not spoil the surprise. It is such a gracious and elegant shop. The staff are lovely. Even if you only buy one glass they don't mind. We got Liz Stevenson's 21st birthday crystal here ,Angie -a Baccarat globet for her 40th, Flossie used to collect a piece of Royal Copenhagen every year. They have a very good sale too- all my Spode dinner service came from here at sale time.They often display their finer pieces in the window - a show case in other words. So next time instead of walking by go through the door and wander around.They save the grandest until last,at the back of the shop the crystal room with a flowing fountain -you will be tranfixed.