Monday 3 November 2014

Hovingham Farmer's Market

On Saturday, Matthieu who is our French helper and I took an hour or so off painting the kitchen to go to Hovingham. There is a market there every first Saturday in the month. Last Saturday for once I remembered. Haxby Bakery had a great selection of bread.Matthieu said it reminded him of home. He declined a crossiant as he was watching his waist line -bless him but was drooling for bread.So I loaded him up with loaves. On top of this he carried some tiffin which again he gave way to the chocolate temptation from the young Mrs Rooke - Apple Charlotte and then I found Justin Staal . I had never met him before but heard a lot about him Justin and his amazing smoked fish - not only fish but duck and chicken. He had samples and thought he did very well to keep his cool when a lady took a generous sample and fed it to her dog. I love his logo, it is so Justin Staal. Sarah Stark was there with husband Peter and baby Stark -Sienna with the biggest blue eyes bouncing about in her pram quite content as she was amused by the crowds of people around. It was a great way to spend an hour out in the Autumn sunshine.The village of Hovingham is also well worth a look around.Hovingham Hall, seat of the Worsleys for generations and childhood home of the Duchess of Kent is the jewel in this North Yorkshire village.