Sunday 23 November 2014


November can be damp and dismal with fog and shortening day light hours .But there are advantages to November too. Those heart warming meals that we forget about in the Summer months. My favourite soup book must be the Covent Garden Soup Co one they are so simple and so good. My dad doesnt need a cookery book he cooks up stewing meat .Pulses,potatoes, swede and carrots from the garden. My Mum adds the salt and pepper and I guarentee you will come back for more. At 92 I thought it most be a hassle for him to dice up the vegetables, so offered to do it for him as he set on to make a panful to feed 20 plus people the other day .No he didnt want any help .He gets great pleasure from cutting vegetables up from his own garden - It takes all sorts ... Today being Sunday and Yorkshire puddings I made a bread and butter pudding. Made with saffron fruit cake I then added a nice red apple from our garden with some honey. It made all the stings I had bestowed on me worth while to be able to use our own honey .Jack was able to tuck into this and there is still a bit left for tomorrow.