Saturday 8 May 2021

Puppy Love

Sometime you just have to help out. These two were just getting their noses poked out a bit as their mum a cocker spaniel had 9 puppies - 4-5 is usually what they would have. So these two are living a 5 star life on top of the Aga and having the best lives. When they get a bit older they will be introduced back into their canine family. What we would like to stress is as adorable as they are and look ,puppies turn into adult dogs and when you consider buying one you should remeber a dog is for life just not for a few months. Dogs give you unconditional love and they should have the same back.We are not saying spoli them or buy them expensive things . We know a lot of people do . Just look after them well and they will be your lifelong faithful friend.