Monday 31 May 2021

Bank Holiday Monday

We hear of people going here and there. Having nice lunches out,even better afternoon teas and sharing glorious photos after they have battled through traffic jams to get to their destination. Lockdown seems a million miles away for a lot of people as they head off into the crowds. Here we did what we did last year and enjoyed our surroundings. So many of our guests enjoying sitting out at the front of the house but we like to be up in the trees. It is like another world up there and guests are welcome to enjoy this space too. The added bonus is there is a stream too. We did the same yesterday with an acception we had a snooze on the grass first then Molly came with us. Yesterday Molly decided we didnt need to sleep and kept coming back and splashing us with her wet coat and stand on us with her muddy paws .Then she chased the cat who was for one moment we thought on her way to Heaven. The cat fought back and ruled the world once more climbing on to some logs and striking Molly in her forehead. Cats often strike near dogs eyes or on their noses so it is always safer to keep puppies and cats apart. There was still some bluebells out and wood anemones. An empty nut shell split in half as the squirrel has dined on his winter store. I thought Monty Don would be in his element here. I am sure if it was transported to Chelsea Flower Show it would certainly win a prize. How I would take the butterflies and dragonflies is another question and the birds are more than happy to stay singing in the trees here. As we walked back the wild mint was startng to grow. For a few minutes the mint over ruled the smell of the wild garlic which is in full flower now .