Tuesday 18 May 2021

What a difference a day makes

What a difference a day makes. As we made headways in the garden , tonights guest enjoyed the evening sunshine and "christened "our new sunspot with Duchess the cat. It looked a bit like a council bus shelter to start with its straight oak posts but hopefully as the roses,clematis and honeysuckle grow up the posts and cover the roof it will look more we envisage it been. It has been a long time since we welcomes guests to Carr House Farm and this monirng I cooked breakfast for 4 guests without burning the toast or the eggs. All plates we left clean, so that was a good sign.And as one guests left the table he said he wouldnt need anything for the rest of the day.With so many good eating places around I hope they decide to sample some of the local food on offer. But now with fridges for guests to use, there is no pressure to eat out. There is enough garden outdoor space for everyone and so guests
can enjoy local treats and have pincics and little snacks in the sunshine.