Saturday 3 July 2010

Barbecue night in Wass

Jack and I went to the Wass village barbecue at the Wombwell Arms in Wass on Thursday evening. Here you see me in the middle with Joyce Ryan to my left who ticked me just as Jack took the photo and Shirley Nicholls to my right who did a sterling job of selling raffle tickets. It is an annual event and £600 was raised for the Macmillan Nurses. I took the photos and they are on Utube for all to see under - Wass barbecue 2010. The weather was kind to us, and I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves. Some of my guests went and the lady from Ireland won a snazzy handbag I had my eye on it in the raffle -talk about luck of the Irish. Next morning I welcomed her to breakfast with -"and A top of the morning to you" which made her laugh. I am used to speaking to guests from France and Holland in their language about breakfast and small greetings but that is about my limit. How I would love to be fluent in languages-what a talent. This morning the man from Ireland replied to what I had said the morning before- about been clarty referring to the weather. Clarty is Yorkshire- humid in weather - clarty is another word for sticky. These and other words that are dropped in conversations are quite amusing to non locals.