Sunday 24 April 2011

Alex's Indigo11 and the Wasp Catcher

You will find Indigo 11 in Church Street in Helmsley. An amazing shop run by a very friendly Alex. She also has shops in Malton and Yarm. Her wares which are sourced from as far away as India and also just across the channel from France. With the chic that only France provides. Items you want to buy for the house,the garden,your best friend not forgetting yourself. Alex also has a thriving on-line business for those people like me who cant decide there and then. Hummm that's me I left behind a stone plate with 4 candles on it and a trio of little milk bottles ...I was intrigued to know what this glass bottle without a bottom was. It is a wasp catcher which I couldn't resist. Alex told me to put Irn-bru in as wasps are most partical to this. Although it is not wasp time I am going to do my girl guide bit to be prepared.