Saturday 9 April 2011

Jack brought me Daffodils

For one who is well known for saying "I never buy flowers" Jack occasionally brings me flowers into the house. I suppose if I got them every week it wouldn't be special . Today I found a bunch of daffodils plonked in a jam jar on the table for me. There are the most amazing daffodils so I took this photo to show you . They are like double ones but with tissue paper like middles rather than trumpets. A bit like a carnation in the middle. I never knew Daffodils smelt but these do. Wanting to know their meaning in flower language I looked it up.I was glad to know that there was a bunch rather than one. One means misfortune but a bunch mean joy and happiness.Thanks Jack.
The Daffodils are out in Farndale too. My visitors had been there yesterday and had a nice walk on the daffodil walk. With the brilliant weather we are having I guess they wont be around for much longer