Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Now we have joined the ranks of 4 star accommodation

We had the VisitEngland inspector to stay last night. This morning she happily awarded me 4 stars and I retained my breakfast award. Every year we always try to better the year before.The good news is the prices are still from £35pppn as we have maintained last years prices. Here are a few photos that managed to get me into the 4 star league.The inspector said that my unique selling point was offering an experience of country life that some people can only dream of. And the warmth of my hospitality shows through all what we offer.To everyone who knows me I am just me.No posh me -just a farmers daughter who loves to eat too much and feed other people too.My paternal Grandmother,Mary Louisa Lupton. She was May to most and Lady Wass to others did bed and breakfast in the 1920. She would take in cyclists,artists,city business people, people wanting to take in the country air.Much the same range of people come today. She could talk to anyone whatever walk of life they came from. My Grandmother was always invited to the "Big House" when it was the tenants dinner and placed near the speaker.It never daunted her as everyone was treated alike and conversation never came to a standstill.So I suppose I am a chip of the old block.