Thursday 14 April 2011 weekly shoppping trip

I usually do my weekly shop in Northallerton as I like the Greengrocers in the High street there.With 2 hours free parking too it helps and there are some really useful shops like Maxwell's the electric shop.Proper staff that are friendly and helpful greeting you as soon as you walk through the door. On the outskirts there is a real "farmers shop" which sells everything you could ever want called Sam Turners.My favourite shop is Lewis and Coopers.They have very good window displays. As their windows are always so clean I couldn't get a clear photo as everyone who walks by are reflected in it. There is a wonderful array of gifts upstairs as well as a tea room. Down stairs it is like an Aladdin's cave and you are spoilt for choice. the smell of coffee at the front of the shop where they grind the coffee beans. Towards the back of the shop their cheese and deli counter. Here you see people queuing up to get a lunchtime sandwich freshly made. They have a wonderful choice of olives too.