Saturday 21 May 2011

George Pickles - a very special person.

As I said in my previous blog that I had been to visit the Museums in Ripon. I have been wanting to go to hear the Hornblower for such a long time. When you live on the door step so to say you never go. This was the ideal opportunity to do the two together.George Pickles is the Hornblower and a nice man he is too. Afterwards he hands out lucky wooden pennies and I was lucky enough to receive one. The next day I won £25 on the premium bonds and other things have happened too . Hearing the Hornblower I know will be the highlight of my year.One of those things you remember all your life. A tradition kept alive by George going every evening come hail or shine to do his duty. It is very humbling to see how he embraces his job and welcomes people from all over the world.The monies he gets for doing this is spent on having these wooden pennies made which up to count has given away 22,000. A remarkable man. I hope he will get a medal from the Queen to mark his dedication. George has a very informative website which will tell you so much of interest please spend time to visit it Also I have made a Youtube so you can hear what happens at 9pm every evening. You will find it under CarrHouseFarm -Ripon Museums and the Famous Hornblower.
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