Wednesday 18 May 2011

Herriots Yorkshire AGM

Our Herriot Yorkshire Country Group held its AGM at the Rural Arts centre in Thirsk yesterday evening. Ian Ashton has worked so hard to get this off the ground to whom we should all be eternally grateful . On the "high table" along with him the ever efficient secretary taking notes one hunderd to the dozen.David Shields and Sean Murricane from Welcome to Yorkshire and last but not leaast Sam Goudy who is the whizz kid of us all tweeting and getting out there telling everyone about us. If you are in Thirsk it is well worth a visit if not far the Arts side of think but for the scummiest of cakes.After seeing the glass tiles in the ladies cloakroom I am hoping they will soon be running a course on how to make them.Like all good meetings it went on late into the night and it was past my bedtime when I got home thus the late blog this morning.