Saturday 7 May 2011

The White Horse- our local landmark

Jack isn't one to stray far from home. When he was younger.he rode on point to point courses as far down country as Cheltenham. He was always glad to see the White Horse come into view. He knew he was nearing home.On the hillside high above Kilburn is our local landmark- a white horse carved into the limestone hillside. It can be seen for miles around.On a fine day it can be seen as far away as Leeds. It was carved in 1857 by John Hodgson the school master and the pupils at Kilburn school. It covers over 1.6 acres of land. They say 26 people once stood on its eye. It measures 318 long and is 220

ft high. You can walk up the steps at the side of it and get a magnificent view from here. Then sit and eat wild bilberries at the top.As I was coming back from shopping from Boroughbridge the other day I took this photo on the road between Hustwaite and Coxwold.