Friday 20 May 2011

Ripon Museums for the poor and naughty....

Three museums linked together right in the centre of town.There is the Workhouse Museum,The Prison and Police Museum and The Courthouse. Each has its own story. What is incredible other than I would vote it the best value ticket you could buy ,is that there are 120 volunteers.They work tirelessly to give people a look at Ripon and its Law and Order in Victorian times and a

smell of carbolic soap. There are 2 stone baths that I would have very happily brought home with me. Lots of tramps and vagabonds will have be scrubbed clean in them. It was good to see the Mayor and Lady Mayoress come to support the team as they opened their doors the other night to welcome the Herriot Yorkshire members- me being one of them. Brian went along too to guard the mayor's gold chain.It was very interesting to talk to him as we tucked into wonderful food which was generously given by the Deliman of Ripon.Brian's role on Thursdays is the town crier who at 11am lets it to be known that the market is open. I promise I will go back and take some photos.How marvellous there is so much community spirit in the town. As we then went on to see what I will probably say is one of the most thrilling things of the year for me to will read more in my next blog.