Monday, 5 March 2012

Picture perfect

Passing Newburgh Priory fish pond the other day on my way shopping I stopped to see the swans. There are also ducks and other little waterbirds swimming about and picking about in the reeds. Newburgh is just outside Coxwold and from the fish pond wall you can see our house. Our farm used to belong to the estate but my Dad and uncles bought it when I was a baby many many moons ago. The fish pond originally held the water that when the sluice gates were opened up would send water done the stream to power the mill. Now it is a tranquil place to sit on the wall and feed the birds. Old and young people alike enjoy seeing the birds bobbing about on the water and feed them on crusts of bread. Hopefully it wont be long before Mrs Swan -she is a pen ,the male is called a cob will have some young cygnets. They will take to the water first by hitching a ride on her back before taking to the water. The most graceful of birds on the water but a different story when you see them on land. The water was so clear and clean,I think this photo reflects it well