Thursday 21 November 2013

The Awards and met the Stars

The Emmys,the Oscars --no nothing quite as boring..these were the White Rose Awards. Held in Leeds by Welcome to Yorkshire at The Armouries. I went with my friend Susan and we couldn't have had a better place to stay right next to the Armouries themselves. So as guests started to arrive we looked out of the window we they descended very glamorously out of stretched limos and the like. Philip and Jessica Barker had kindly invited us to join them on their table and we were in prime position only a table from the ITV soap Emmerdale celebrities.Jessica looked amazing as usual.Sarah posed with Ken Stirk the other half to Annie Stirk of Absolutely Food and also enjoying themselves Deborah Whitwell and Kate Robey from Provedence Inns .Lots more of friendly faces all too many to mention. Jeff Hordley who plays bad guy Cain Dingle was the star of the evening for most of us girlies. Thanks Cain for giving us a night to remember and something to talk about for a long time to come. The food was delicious -1000 mouths to feed .The awards announced and all too soon it was time to leave. We bid our farewells with thanks to Gary Verity and his Team - From Dee Marshall to welcoming us in to Sarah Barrowby for leading me astray on to the dance floor and Tom Ashurst who was sat tweeting the winners as they were announced. All worked so very hard to give us a truly great night. As we walked into the hotel lobby was it Tom Lister alias Carl King I just saw striding by or was it his ghost.