Sunday, 17 November 2013

Two shops ...or not to shop.

Not one shop but two magical shops right next to each other. Vanished is Vivienne Westwood's shop in Blake Street in York .Arrive is the Yorkshire soap company and their sister shop next door.. After seeing Yorkshire lass soap in the Star Inn the City we had to find the shop that sold it. Marching forward the 3 Musketeers, namely Katrina,Christine and myself stalked along Blake Street to find bubbles in the street. Yes bubbles. So even the worse navigator will find it. Shame was I couldn't take any photos inside as the shop owners want you to feel the magic when you walk into the shop. My plea was if I don't have a photo to show people will they take my word for it. So I had to stand in the street and take photos to tempt you in. Alice in Soapland -beautifully crafted soap and they don't forget the menfolk in our lives too. Soap with miniature wellingtons in ,mini foxes and dragons. For girlies it is rosebuds and cupcakes. Slices of meringues, lush cakes and trifle type creations -all made of soap. I love this shop and cant wait until the little shepherdesses are grown up enough to go in and see it for themselves. With ohs and ahs we finally left and then into next door. Quirky ,classy,different. Beautiful engraved glassware ideal present -say no more Christmas is on the way