Friday 25 December 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Merry Christmas.
We started Christmas early having goose and all the trimmings for supper last night as I knew we would have a busy day in front of us.I sneaked down to the kennels last night to leave Jacks presents from the dogs then woke him up just gone midnight to give him his. I was up at 5am with Jack as I wanted to see if Santa Claus had been.It is only 11am and we have already been to Jacks mothers to take her to his sisters and then back to the farm to see my mum and dad. Rubi-Sue and her mummy and daddy were already there and Ellor ,Nick's Labrador was joining in the festivities with tinsel round her neck. Then we will be seeing Little Jack and Owen. They are 2 and 3 years old so will be more excited than Rubi although she was taking it all in and liked to see things spinning round.Before it gets dark it will be time to feed the dogs and take them out.After that we will sit down for another Christmas dinner and finally settle down in front of a lovely fire. We have already heard from friends around the globe what a marvellous thing the internet is.Hope you are having as wonderful a Christmas Day as we are. For Christmas one of my presents, which was wrapped up very well,was some Pringle socks from Jack which was what I wanted but in one pair was stuffed a diamond ring. I know I am very lucky to have Jack and the ring..... but not forgetting how lucky it is to have all my family and friends that make it as special as it is..