Monday 21 December 2009

Snow and still very cold but the celebrations have started.

It has been unbelievably cold. Jack has been a saint bringing logs and coal in and he is also better at lighting a fire than I am .The Christmas celebrations have started early we were at Simon Swiers' 50th birthday party on Saturday night braving mega inches of snow to get there. It was 4 wheel drive all the way. It was a 60s fancy dress . I went as a school girl- well I was in the 60s and Jack well decided to keep his shooting coat on and went as Captain Wombwell.As if many people would remember what he wore in those days but it must have been something Jack had remembered him wearing 50 years ago or maybe he was just dead lazy and wanted to keep warm,he did wear a flowery tie though. Yesterday was the Sunday supper clubs' Christmas meal at Wass. Then a mad dash home to watch something on the box-I must be getting old. Tonight is Mark Faulconers party at Coxwold pub. I will first go to drop some Christmas presents off as time is ticking faster by the day.It has been so cold that the diesel in the farms pickup froze and so has the pipes that take the water from the bath. I didnt get time for a sit down but as you can see it wouldnt have been too warm a seat if I had.