Sunday 13 December 2009

Rubi and Hotel Chocolat and Christmas shopping,,,

Last week little Rubi-Sue ,her mummy and daddy and I meet up to do a bit of Christmas shopping in York. At 3 months she has a good eye for the shops and likes to look up at all the lights,decorations and general rushing about of people. She was very patient as we shopped. Hotel Chocolat is just the most amazing chocolat shop I have ever being in.Even Jack who reckons he does not do chocolate ate a bar leaving me a mere morsel .Good job I had a couple of spare bars hidden away. I got some chocolat ginger for my mum and I am sure I will be in there again before Christmas . When I got home I looked on their website which was of great interest -the story of how they acquired a cocoa farm in St Lucia called Rabat Plantation. It brought lovely memories back of when we stayed at Fond Doux Cocoa Plantation when we got married. L'Occitane was another shop I just had to go in . They have aromas that are nearly good enough to eat and their Christmas packages are so beautifully wrapped. Then it was time for Rubi-Sue to go to the hospital for a scan.It makes you realise that the best present you can have in life is your health as money cant buy this. We hope that she is going to get good test results that is our wish for Christmas .Also her little cousin ,Oliver,also has some kideny problems and at 5 months old has had quite a rough ride so lets hope they both have a healthier New Year,