Friday 4 December 2009

Wass Village Hall opening ......

I was out on the town ...well village to be more precise last Saturday and did not get back until late. The culprit for keeping me out was my Dad-87 and still going strong..We had an invite to attend the 'bun fight' in Wass Village Hall and what a good time we had.Not so much bun but turkey,quiches and rich chocolate desserts kindly donated. He had been there 81 years ago when the last one had been opened and so he was the star of the show. All the village has rallied to help in their own way to get the village hall rebuilt but special thanks goes to Roger Statham ...for the way he managed with the paperwork and to Phil Nicholls who made sure the building was made to first class specifications.I am sure anyone inspecting the build will soon be on the phone to Phil wanting their building work done.
Now we need to let people know this village hall is here to be used.I am very impressed with its very plush black and chrome chairs .It has a licence so ideal for parties and celebrations I have booked the hall for the 22 June 2010 which is the first free date Caroline Gregson from Cheshire who will be holding a day course on a 3D willow sculptures.Her work is magnificant and you can view this on day cost £60pp and places are already limited.