Monday 21 December 2009

Elaine Lemm....

Christmas is a time when you hear from old friends and people who have crossed your path along the way. I read an article in the Yorkshire Post last week written by Elaine Lemm who although I keep seeing glossy publications photos of her havent heard or seen her since her days when she had a bistro in Helmsley. The article she had written gave me the insentive to contact here. It was lovely to hear her news -her main job is with the New York Times' Co writing and editing the site about British food. Isnt it good to hear how the British food flag is been flown in earnest across the Atlantic.
Another email today from Rosemary Robinson who owns Just Puds. I have known both Rosemary and her mum for more than quarter of a century and was recently at Bowes Museum to a early Christmas lunch and took this photo of Val and Graheme.They have just had a big farm fire so our thoughts are with them all at Ainderby Myers as we know what they will be going through after ourselves experiencing a farm fire first hand 2 years ago what damage and trauma that they bring- to young Thomas who lost his rare breeds sow and piglets. Val is an inspiration to us all and however the going is she always has a lovely smile