Thursday 11 March 2010

Chocolate for Mothers Day and Easter Eggs

On Tuesday I went to pick up Easter eggs from Chocolart at Pickering. Here you see Dawn Bentley who works in the shop and is always very patient and helpful.I have been going here for years and Ian is very creative and comes up with lots of different things.He made us our wedding cake that was decorated with chocolate dogs It is only a tiny shop on Smiddy Hill but it is crammed full of goodies.
Next door Ian has opened up Cafe Cocoa which has delicious cakes -chocolate of course and some are gluten free which is ideal for my friend Caroline. They do hot lunchtime snacks too which I will leave to sample another day.The interior of the cafe is rather different and a nice change from what you would expect but I am sure Miss Marples would enjoy it here.You must make time and go to indulge and see for yourself.