Tuesday 23 March 2010

Farmstayuk meeting at Cundall Lodge Farm

Another meeting -today it was a smaller event than the Y10 I went to yesterday but was held with no less enthusiasm. It was held at Caroline Barkers beautiful home at Cundall Lodge Farm. We were grateful to David Shields who came along. We went to Raines a small cafe in the old post office in Helperby. The food was delicious and was very reasonable in price and generous in portions. Served on Emma Bridgewater pottery by caring waitress here you see Graham busy preparing one of our sandwiches. They do not have website yet but I understand it is something that is going to happen. Maybe they have there priorities right and spend their time wisely by making the delicious chocolate macaroons you can see in the front of the photo which most of us indulged in.A haven of home made cakes and bread using lots of local produce and not to be missed. Whoops,I forgot it was Lent