Sunday 21 March 2010

Sunshine, Baby Lambs and the first day of Spring

What wonderful weather we are having to welcome the first day of Spring. Nicholas got around 20 lambs yesterday and was kept very busy. The birds are singing early on a morning and towards night we see them have a cold water bath in the stream behind the house. Preening and sprucing themselves up. Spring is in the air. The daffodils are in bud-lets hope they hang on until Easter to give a good display for my visitors. The primroses are out in the hedgerows already and I went to see if there was any wild violets in a secret place as there isn't many to find now a days but they haven't come through yet.Jack was busy gardening last week and hopefully everything is starting to dry out a bit. I see a hyacinth has come through but the birds are taking delight in pulling it apart I blamed Jacks dogs for knocking it over but it is the little tits that are to blame . I wish I could get a photo -they are quiet destructive little birds. If they ever get into a bedroom they have a field day with the wallpaper.