Monday 22 March 2010

Y10,Gary Verity and Rhubarb is the word in Harrogate today

Off I went to Harrogate this morning to join the other 1499 people who had gone to the conference for Welcome to Yorkshire--the name now given to the Yorkshire Tourist Board as I stand on my soap box wanting the name to come back .Well most people worldwide would associate the Tourist board as the official site for the region but maybe I should move with the times .
It was very well put together,Gary Verity and his team have come up with some brilliant marketing ideas for 2010. Andrew Pern and another lady did a cook off but in my mind there was no doubt who was the winner . Rosie Winterton did the tasting saying they were both winners. But I waved my green card for yet another star performance by the genius Pern. Rhubarb was his theme- starting with mackerel and rhubarb,then duck and rhubarb and a Yorkshire mess of cream, meringue and yes you have guessed right RHUBARB topped with a sugar woven star. But that was not all -rhubarb snapps -if I heard it right was present too.
I love the idea of getting Yorkshire known at the RHS Chelsea with the rhubarb and custard garden. Lets hope it is a gold for us all. Watch the website for all up to date details .