Monday, 1 November 2010

Rubi-Sue and her farmyard friends.

It was a lovely autumn afternoon and Rubi-Sue arrived with her Mummy and had a tour of the animals on the farm. What a delight -there are pigs that grunt,cows that moo,sheep that Daddy had brought in from the field that go baa, hens that clucked,dogs that wagged their tails,cats that meowed,quails that scurried about,partridges did the same. Pheasants that called out, and the geese that went hiss and ducks that quack.She is now walking and there is no stopping her as she toddled off the full length of the stack yard to investigate looking through the bars of the gate while we got the sheep in.Hopefully it will not be too long before she is chasing them in herself. All of these animals we take for granted as they surround us all the time. Which was her favourites - I think it is great granddad dog called Floss and the geese she couldn't quite work those out.