Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Trip to Holland.

Went with my friend Susan on a mini holiday to Holland the other week.When Nicholas was young we took him to a fairy tale park called de Efteling and although I have wonderful memories of it. I needed to refresh my mind for taking Rubi-Sue and the boys. We had a good crossing from Hull to Europort. I took the car and with our lives in my hands as I had not driven on the continent for over 6 years. It is an hours hard driving with often 4-6 lanes of traffic to think about. I was well impressed with my little car, that a lot of you think should have bit the dust long ago- 113k and still going strong. We had a wonderful time in Efteling but it was bitterly cold and I have decided it is definitely a summer outing. We just had an hour or so to stock up at the supermarket in Kaatsheuvel. I bought geneveer to make the equivalent of sloe gin and some cheese, chocolates and other bits and pieces. Another smooth crossing and time to read a whole book cover to cover made for a very pleasant trip.