Monday 29 November 2010

Snowy Approach to Wass

We came back from Helmsley this morning turning off the A170 coming down Wass bank and the entrance to Stanbrook Abbey down into the village of Wass. Although the snow scenes are very pretty to look at it means lots of extra work making sure all the animals are warm fed and watered on the farm. Pipes are getting frozen up. It is harder to get around so I am so glad I bought a pair of Ness wellingtons when I was up in Edinburgh the other week. They are marvellous in the snow with good cleats [ if this is a Yorkshire word it means grips] on the bottom of my wellington. My cheeks are rosier than normal.This afternoon I am going to make a few more last minute Christmas cakes. My dad has been out feeding the pheasants and saw three deer near the wood side. I am busy keeping the bird table stocked up for all the little song bird. Wish my camera had a longer lens as the first to eat after I had put some more food out was a robin -you couldn't get more seasonal than that if you tried.