Sunday 19 June 2011

A Family gathering...

How often do we talk about things and never get round to them. Ever since I have known Jack he has always talked about "Big Ann" Now this lady is actually Maria Oxtoby who now lives at Dalton near Thirsk with husband George. Her real name is Maria. When Jack and his brother Frank and sister Ann were small ,Maria used to look after them ,bake them cakes buns and scones and generally look after them.She

was a big part of their lives. -See how there was big Ann and little Ann. - Maria is 80 now. So today we gathered together about 20 of us for lunch . We had a lovely time, Maria brought photos from when the children were small .One with Grandma Peckitt at the Brenk-the family farm.Everyone had plenty to eat,plenty to drink.Four generations were here, spread over 80 years. We have some lovely photos of the day.Victoria even came over from Leeds.And never the regret to say wish we had done it but didn't make the time.