Tuesday 28 June 2011

Thank you, Gordon Robinson

We usually go out to eat on my birthday, but this year we didn't as we were out the night before. Gordon Robinson kindly invited my Dad,Jack and self to join him with some other shooting friends for a mid season meal.It was good to catch up with everyone and talk pheasants,partridges,high birds,missed birds,good shots,bad shots. Also dogs,and in Jacks case more dogs.The night

passed quickly as it always does when you are enjoying yourselves and it was then time to say good night.Gordon's sister Jean was there too. The family are taking her to Cornwall to celebrate her 80th birthday so we all wish her a good time.No doubt they will be burning the midnight oil. Jean and my dad have known each other all their lives. It was us young ones that were ready for home as they nattered away a hundred to the dozen.