Tuesday 21 June 2011

Motor biking....

This weekend saw thousands of motor bikes descend on Helmsley to the MAG. Most pitch their tents in the grounds of Duncombe Park.You are not allowed to go to this event unless you have a motor bike.The shops and pubs do a roaring trade.The event give a huge donation to things that are needed to the community such as lowering the pavements for easier wheel chair access. We are only 6 miles from the event.We had people staying from Co Armagh on their bikes but decided they wanted a bit more comfort than camping. Here you see me as I approach my 55th birthday this week sitting on this "Hells Angel Mean Machine". Whats that saying -if you cant beat them join them.I dont think my little car could get up to the speed this machine does 135mph cruising. Before I think to go that speed I

will have to change my frock for some bikers leathers..Woo hoo/