Thursday 30 June 2011

My Birthday Sweet Peas

Very rarely does a birthday go by when I dont get sweet peas from my Dad for my birthday. This year was no exception. There is no nicer smell than that of sweet peas.He doesnt stop at flowers either. He is hoping that he will have some ready for the local home produce show in Wass. He won the cup many years ago At nearly 89 he is already thinking of what he is going to enter.He has some super huge cabbages at the moment. Cutting one for their lunch yesterday it weighed over 5lbs. After he has finished work at night -remember he works full time on the farm and did not have time to go to Scarborough with me as he wanted to get on with hay making!.

He goes into his garden after his tea until my mother makes him come in for his supper around 9pm.Here you see my Dad and me at the shoot dinner last week.