Saturday 11 June 2011

Its June its strawberry time...

June- Wimbledon-strawberries. How we link things with together. Here you see I have been raiding my Dads garden yet again. Rhubarb, there is still an abundance of it which guests enjoy for breakfast with yogurt. Cabbage for Jacks supper. I am not a cabbage lover myself but then there is more for those who like it.

Eggs -the hens are in multi drive at the moment so we have lots of fresh brown eggs. And my first strawberry of the season. Not one of your supermarket ones but a quality George Lupton one straight out of the garden. Perfect in every detail and even better in taste. We have a battle with the blackbirds too as they spy them juts before they are ripe enough to pick.My Dad put a net over them and then saw one cheeky fellow finding his way under the net.The cat sat asleep in the sunshine only a few feet away