Wednesday 21 November 2012

Apple and more apples

We went to Rodgers Roses at Pickering to pick up the 2 rose bushes I had bought my Dad for his birthday. besides selling roses and bulbs they also sell fruit trees. My Dad must have 150 fruit trees but there is always room for another . Here you see we got to see what the end result hopefully will be . Armed with pen and paper we walked round twice to make sure we had chosen the right trees. How often do we buy an apple tree and not be able to see what fruit it produces.An apple tree is an apple tree to me - a cooker or an eater. But for my dad the professional we was in his element making sure he choose apples that will see him through the winter .At the farm we have a bedroom called the Apple bedroom and that was what it was used for .A north facing room cooler than the rest of the house the apples were put under the bed. This year there is very few apples about so we wont be walking up the stairs and getting that lovely apple smell drift through the