Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Water,water everywhere and not a drop to drink

Sympathy goes to all those effected by the floods. We have our fair share of standing water in the fields but as we are over 990 foot above sea level we are luckier than most. As I was going towards Byland Abbey this morning 2 people were exercising their horses. Memories of 35 years ago when I first used to ride out with Jack when he had point to point horses. Until then I had only been a fair weather rider. We were riding out every morning in all weathers. A 6 mile rising trot was fair more pleasant on a crisp sunny autumn morning than what these riders were having this morning. But they still had a smile for me. Dedication to getting their horses fit for racing.I expect they would then head up Wass Bank. A mile long climb certainly tests the horse's stamina.