Monday 5 November 2012

Into the stock pot of the great - Yorkshire Food finder [part 4]

The next part of our day out before dinner was a tour of James Mackenzie's kitchen and the dining room he has upstairs for private parties. It comes complete with sitting room and bathroom. The set up in the kitchen was amazing with the £50k+ oven. Chefs were hoovering around and trying not to look disturbed as our nosey party peered into drawers.It is all about preparation . Everything waiting to be popped on a plate to garish and enhance. The Michelin star has to be earned and attention to detail is what it is all about. The highlight of the kitchen for me was a huge stock pot bubbling away on the stove. Veal and pork cooking for 2 days I think James said.It looked as if there was leek and carrots in there too. I guess a lot more besides.