Sunday 24 March 2013

and then for lunch

Well Christine and I were going to lunch and treat ourselves at Harvey Nicks 2 years since I was last in Leeds.then Caroline joined us and then we meet Rosemary in teh street and then someone else turned up .So there ended up being 5 of us to please. One with a wheat intolerance so why would we go to an Italian .All pastas and pizzas you say. The lady who owns it has been there since the year dot. I hear from good sources even thought they do delightful sauces that she will burst into song and give her diners a taste of the Italian Opera will they eat. Unfortunately she did not,maybe next time . We were so impressed by her ever so charming son who was very accommodating to our wheat free needy friend as he is too .he offer her chip wedges with a tomato sauce ,which went down very well. Orange juice was the proper stuff as I watched him squeeze the oranges himself. A delightful place and certainly one to recommend. Sorry we don't know your name but will ask next time.So we will for now call them Mamma Opera and her bambino. When I look at the photos the girls are all in convict stripes. The restaurant has lots of flags up and music playing and a lovely feel to the place.