Sunday 24 March 2013

#Y13 with Welcome to Yorkshire

Had to travel intercity like the men do on Thursday,I caught the 8.30am train to Leeds and meet up with Christine Ryder. Y13 was held at the West Yorkshire Play House. Gary Verity and his full team of staff had worked hard to pull it altogether and we had an insight into what will be happening this coming year in the tourist industry. In the foyer there was Louise and her brother doing a sterling job supplying the multitudes with their different types of Swaledale Cheese. There was Jackson bread there too . A barley combination bread was some of the tastiest I had every had. Seabrook crisps are produced in Yorkshire and besides them printing on in Yorkshire on the packets we all got a bag each to bring home. There was the Le Tour de France boss, golden girl Hannah Cockroft and a young Olympic cyclist there too. A highlight was to listen to Alistair Griffin singing a song he had written after he had watched the Olympics. All too soon the conference was over. We then headed across the road to the market...[cont]