Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sneaky lunch at the Hare at Scawton

Tucked away just off the A170 near the top of Sutton Bank on the road to Rievaulx Abbey. The Hare was always a favourite place for ours to go to eat.The previous owner got distracted making souffl├ęs finally moving on to pastures new. A review by Elaine Lemm in the Yorkshire Post brought me back for a very quick lunch the other day. I really didn't have time to stop but then how could I call in and not have a bite to eat. Liz, the landlady is a charming, lovely, lovely person.I couldn't believe how busy the place was on a winters day lunchtime. I had forgotten my specs so had to glaze over the menu, randomly picked the first thing on the menu . It was ham hock with foie gras, piccalilli with other dots and dashes of colours.Tastes which if I had been able to read the menu properly would have been able to tell you. Whatever it was it was delicious. Jack's birthday is looming,this could be the ideal place to go. Some guests of ours had eaten Sunday lunch there the other week,excited texted me to say Bellissimo. I think that says it all.