Saturday 13 July 2013

When everything in the garden is lovely

My Dad is so green fingered and proud of it too. He is a natural while I struggle to grow anything other than weeds ,his garden is full not only of fruit and vegetables but flowers too. Around 8pm is the perfect time to wander around the garden when the sun has lost some of the powerful heat of this last day or two. I needed rhubarb for guests breakfast and a lettuce for lunch tomorrow and found the first of the raspberries. The strawberries are plentiful. Elise the young Australian girl who was here to help at lambing time was roped into to making potato rows. Jack cuts the grass and I like to dehead the dead roses and take the side shoots of the tomatoes. Only 2 weeks to go before the local WI show and my Dad was not amused that tomatoes are not in any section.He has his eye on winning the cup again.