Sunday 21 July 2013

Yorkshire Show with Welcome to Yorkshire

We haven't been to the Yorkshire Show for years but when we got an invitation to attend Welcome to Yorkshire's barbecue we thought why not. It is yearly event which as a child I looked forward to as it was always classed as the farmers holidays. So I used to have a day or 2 off school. We used to set off with a snack at Yorkshire Wool growers tent then one to another for lunch and yet another for afternoon tea. The reps from the agricultural firms the farm dealt with throughout the year showed their appreciation and sent us invites to go to have refreshments. So there we all bundled into our pale blue Vanguard car with a column change no normal gear sticks in those days .It had a bench seat in the front and I sat in the middle in my Sunday best.Once the exhaust pipe fell off and another the clutch packed in.30 miles in those day was a fair long way to go. The tents were like huge wedding marquees.They were still very special and to see all this food was -thinking our staple diets were to eat boiled bacon twice a day. Roll on 50+years. We were entertain with a jazz band . The host Gary Verity and his team at hand. The food was generously supplied by Keelham Farm and cooked by the chefs of Yorebridge House, Black Sheep Brewery had the bar and we were finally after a superb supper treated to chocolates and fruit cake and cheese. 50 years ago barbecues would not have even existed but fruit cake served with cheese has long being a Yorkshire favourite