Sunday 30 March 2014

Lottie Shaw and her generousity

I have just written a blog about Y14 but feel I cannot go without mentioning the generousity of Lottie Shaw at the Y14 conference. While there were other food and drink stands in the foyer selling their wares. Even a woman who made biscuits standing in part of the Barclays Bank Stand.It made me laugh as she only wanted you to buy them but not even taste a crumb. Lottie Shaw was so generous handing out biscuits and drinks to everyone who passed her way. The biscuits were my mothers favourites -Ginger parkin ones.They are the crispest of the crisp. I explained I was taking it home for my mum so she gave me one for my dad too - You know this thing about me and my Dad....and I didnt want him to miss out. Lottie came with her little van laden up and also drinks for everyone too. I hope she gets lots of new customers from her being there. She was dressed in rather a nice green dress which I commented on. A Cath Kidston she declared with thrill in her voice that I had noticed... it had bicycles on.... To celebrate Le Tour coming to Yorkshire Lottie has commisioned local artist Kevin Haynes to illustrate the Bike race. which is available as a sleeve for the Yorkshire Parkin as well as cups and prints. Lottie is also busy baking Gingerbread Bikes and for every one sold they will be giving a donation to Marie Curie. If you'd like to find out more about Lottie Shaw's "Seriously Good" products please take a look at or call her direct on 01422 372335. My thanks to Lottie we are going to hold a Alice in Wonderland themed Tea Party soon and Lottie will be on the guest list ...more later about this -