Monday, 10 March 2014

Welcome to Yorkshire Literature Exchange

Held at Thirsk Auction Mart for businesses to go to pick up 2014 brochures. I have learnt to go early and was met by the ever friendly face of David Shields. There was a lot of Welcome to Yorkshire staff there and one celebrity in the form of Lorraine Chase who I passed but didn't recognise as she worn a large hat. Nor was she talking as I would have remembered Luton Airport. Craig Nattress was there -he is our local Ryedale link and Susie Brindley is back in the fold. Lots of lovely 2014 brochures -spoilt for choice. This year I have tried to keep my choice more local. There were lots of faces I knew and I spied some of the friendliest faces from Thief Hole Cottages, Jessica Barker and her husband Phillip who was doing a sterling job helping carry brochures. I need to ask Jessica how did she get him trained so well. I saw my sister in law in the distance she was collecting her brochures and put them in a suitcase with wheels. You can tell her husband and mine are tarred with the same brush-nowhere in sight.